Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, such as a tent... or in my case staying in our trailer (aka GLAMPING haha). My husband and I got a trailer late last year. We recently went on our first family glamping trip to Harrison Lake with some family & friends. As a child, I grew up camping on a regular basis with my family, some of my fondest memories are of us kids running around the campground. I always knew the moment I started a family of my own, it to would be one of our family activities. My younger brother who has two small girls (one of which is my adorable Posh Peanut Model) also shares the love for glamping. He and his family got a trailer recently and have started their glamping journey alongside us. There isn't anything sweeter than seeing our girls sitting around the campfire together as we did as kids. For me, there is nothing better than packing up that trailer and rolling out of the busy city. Somewhere along a long dirt road, where I have no service and no endless to-do list running through my mind.

I am more of a fair weather GLAMPER but living in Vancouver that isn't always predictable. So when our first trip rolled around, although the weather was far from good (40+MM of rain expected) we headed out anyways without a worry in the world. As like many things in life this trip wasn't without its hiccups haha. From the trailer jack not working, losing the truck key, and our hot water tank Failing haha amongst everything our first trip was still a success :)

What would planning a trip be without my annoying tendencies... I  always seem to over think everything... would Eden sleep okay... would the baby monitor work correctly - reach to the campfire so mommy can enjoy her babyless evening...blah blah blah. Well like every other time my worries were for nothing. Eden slept and napped terrific, and I had a constant watchful eye on her from my brother's campsite (the party site)  thanks to my outstanding BABY MONITOR a definite MUST-HAVE for any travelling. With Eden rolling, crawling and sitting up another MUST-HAVE was our TRAVEL CRIB which also doubled as a playpen for outside during the day. I also happen to find the most adorable TRAVEL HIGHCHAIR a  MUST-HAVE and super cute <3

The hustle of everyday life gets so crazy in the city, escaping for the weekend always has me returning refreshed and ready to conquer the world (household chores haha). Like a lot of you, I feel I am always glued to my phone, so when we reached our destination, and I had no service I was excited to disconnect for the weekend. I won't lie by the time Sunday rolled around we couldn't get down the logging road fast enough; I was dying for reception haha. There is something very freeing and relaxing about camping. From skipping rocks, and walking around the lake. To roasting weenies (veggie weenies) & marshmallows around the fire. It was a weekend full of fun and laughter .... lots of laughter, especially around the fire after the kidlets all went to bed ;) It was probably the first time since finding out I was pregnant that I got to let loose (much needed). I am beyond excited to see what this summer holds for my family and our Glamping trips <3

Family Glamping Vacations Are About Making Memories Together. Glamping rules; Explore, Play, Relax, read a book, go for a hike, gather around the fire, watch the sunset, have fun, wish on stars, eat s'mores and MAKE MEMORIES!

If anyone has good campgrounds or destinations, please share. I highly recommend Sasquatch Campground in Harrison, we all loved it and have every intention of returning once the weather warms up ;). Also, I am all ears for some good games to play while gathering around the campfire. xoxo

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