Baby Bond

The BOND Between A Mother And Baby Is Like No Other. It is something you cant fully understand until you are a mother (or pregnant). The love you feel is incomparable to ANYTHING else in this world. I started feeling this unreal urge to protect my peanut the minute I began to feel and notice her during my pregnancy. To feel so intensely about this little person I had never met or seen BLEW my mind, and it only intensified as my husband, and I welcomed her into the world. The minute I saw her something inside me changed, I knew EXACTLY what my purpose was from that moment on, to LOVE and PROTECT her with everything I have.

As I have said before in previous blog posts, I have major separation anxiety. I fear it will only get worse as time passes.  As I feel so much changes with every day, I am literally terrified of missing out on something. From the new little hairs on her head to her two tiny front teeth, and her adorable little crawl Edens is changing at a rapid speed. Night after night I lay in the bath staring at her, wondering how I grew her inside my tummy... Completly AMAZED at how PERFECT she is and how she is half me and half the one I love. She warms my heart; she is such a brilliant little girl, and she is the light of OUR LIFE.

I can't believe I get to love her; It truly is the best thing I will EVER do! The way she looks at me has changed me as a person <3  I am in constant awe of her. Spending every day just staring at her hehe (it's the Eden show 24/7). I couldn't imagine my life any other way. The look of security that she gives me while I'm holding her is a look I will NEVER forget. I love the look of wonder I see in her innocent eyes every SINGLE day. I love when I see her do or try something new, she instantly gets this look of satisfaction. She couldn't be more proud of herself.... oh wait ... I AM <3 I find it amazing that she cannot talk, or communicate with me, yet she still has me constantly laughing and smiling. I am so blessed that I get to spend the remainder of my life as her MOTHER. One of the most important relationships we have in life are the relationships we form with our children.

This Is My First Mother's Day As A New Mom, My MUST-HAVES For This Weekend Are My Family <3 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY To All you Mama's & Expecting Mama's You're All doing a Fabulous Job! xoxo



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