Crawl, Stand, Shuffle

For as long as I can remember people have always said cherish EVERY MOMENT because they will be gone before you know it. Of course, I  didn't understand; I lived 29 years before I ever truly understood this expression. The day I became a mother and welcomed Eden into this world is the day I knew it was only the beginning of moments to cherish! I don't know if its the lack of sleep or the non-stop work but the days roll into nights which turn into weeks... months... and it never seems to stop. I have no idea where the last eight months have gone, sure so much has happened and SO MUCH has changed but it feels like it has come and GONE in the blink of an eye!

The Noodle Neck days are long gone for Eden. She is Crawling, Standing, and Shuffling around EVERYTHING. She is a force that cannot be stopped. I remember the days when she could barely move, where I put her, is where she STAYED. Nowadays that is not the case haha one minute she is there and the next I'm searching for her down the hallway haha. Soon she will be walking; I give miss smarty pants about a month. It won't be long until I'm looking back and remembering the days of my tiny little peanut crawling around the house following me <3 She is my adorable little shadow that is always there. I will never forget the little squeals of frustration when I'm running around the house cleaning, and every time she catches up to me, I've headed down the hall again haha.

It is crazy to me how things keep changing; maybe I'm an overbearing, smothering, obsessive mother, haha but I want it to STOP! It seems everytime I get used to the way she is... BAM she changes again. I hope it is just the Baby phase that passes FAR TOO QUICKLY. Hopefully, things will start to SLOW DOWN in the coming years, but I'm not holding my breath haha. I have learned Motherhood is a Life of Change and Letting Go. I have always been a planner but am trying really hard to live in the NOW and Enjoy Every Minute before it is GONE.

My MUST-HAVES for this little rascal that is into ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and is on the move non-stop! A Good Ol Baby Gate, Electrical Outlet Covers, and Corner Covers, and a lot of patience :)



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