Finding Myself

Losing YOURSELF can be so easy in this fast-paced whirlwind of a life; time flies soo FAST.  Things change in the BLINK of an eye and no one is truly in control ... we're all just along for the CRAZY RIDE. The last two years of my life have been an amazing life changing ROLLERCOASTER that I wouldn't change for the world! I got MARRIED, had a BABY, and started my BUSINESS. Everything has happened so fast that sometimes I feel I have lost MYSELF.  I wish I could press a Slow-motion button so I could just sit back and soak it all in, but unfortunately, there is no rewind, pause, or slow motion button ... it is NOW or NEVER!

As a Wife and Mother, I find it so easy to get lost. I am and will always be my LAST priority! The instant I felt those tiny toes in my tummy I no longer thought of MYSELF first. Every waking breathing moment is about my baby girl or my baby daddy. Being a mother and a wife is by far the most rewarding and amazing thing I have done and will ever do in my life, but it is also the hardest; I find myself constantly putting myself LAST in EVERY aspect of our everyday life. From the pregnant days of avoiding some of my favourite foods (wine haha) and activities in lieu of protecting our unborn baby, to now, as a new mother, standing in the pouring rain to put Eden in the car after spending an hour on my hair and not even thinking twice about it haha, or simply dragging my tired ass out of the house every day and sporting my designer (under eye) bags. Or to the simpler things we all take for granted like sleeping - or in my case... not sleeping ...and sometimes sleeping with one eye open, just to make sure our little peanut is okay. And then there's the whole staying up far past my bedtime (for someone who has to be up 3-4 times a night to feed our peanut)  just to spend some quality time with my big love. Need I mention not showering (or shaving ) on the reg.... and if I manage to jump in the shower it is IN & OUT in 2.5 seconds! Let's not forget stuffing my face like some crazed animal in fear that at any minute my meal could be disrupted! My little Family is my first and only priority.  They are kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much, always, on MY MIND.

The Day I Became a Wife My Life Was No Longer About Myself It Was About A Beautiful Partnership I Now Shared With My Soulmate. The Day I became a Mother I knew What My Purpose Was, To Love And Protect With Everything I have. Everything Has changed In My Life Since Becoming a Wife & Mother & Yet I Am More MYSELF Than I Ever Have Been.

I have no MUST-HAVES for this blog post, as I have EVERYTHING I need <3 However I would love to hear some of the things you've given up as mothers & as partners ...  Please comment below :) xoxo

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