Get Up & Get Out

My New Career: Motherhood.

There is nothing easier for me as a new mom than staying at home in my comfort zone! Postpartum social life can be hard, whether its because my clothes still don't fit right, or I haven't slept, or because Eden is on a strict napping schedule - to be honest, some days its just because I feel super antisocial! I feel its easy to get wrapped up in these schedules that our babies are "supposed" to be on... and all this talk about sleep training and nap scheduling can practically make leaving the house near impossible.

Personally, I feel babies are super adaptable. My husband and I agreed from day one that we wouldn't let Eden affect our schedules - she comes EVERYWHERE with us!!! As for sleep training, we decided a few months ago that it WASN'T for us, as we felt she would develop (grow) when she was ready. So, with no sleeping training Eden recently surprised us, having learned to nap like a good, non-screaming baby girl all on her own. (Can I get a high five over here haha.) She still needs to figure out how to sleep through the night, but we are in no rush.  Sure, it is easier to stick to your schedule by staying in the comfort of your home - and let's be real, going anywhere with a baby in tow requires a lot of planning and packing - but I highly recommend Getting Up & Getting Out! I have made it a mission of mine Once A Day Every Day with Eden & I.

Getting out does absolute wonders for mommy and her peanut - a change of scenery and some fresh air does both us girls good ;) I have noticed a simple walk on the seawall, grabbing a coffee, or simply running our daily errands makes my little BESTIE and I a lot happier.  I recently started looking around for Mommy & Baby activities, and I was pleasantly surprised at what my community had to offer. Eden & I have recently joined a mommy and baby fitness program called Fit4Two, which is da bomb since I have major separation anxiety and cant leave Eden to go to the gym alone haha. It's an amazing program to get postpartum moms out and active with their little peanuts. We go to a few classes a week; they offer a Boot Camp class, Yoga class & and Fitness Barre class, all of which we participate in together - the only way I would have it right now! It's a great way to meet other moms in your community and for babies to interact with one another. My only regret is that I did not find this program sooner. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with all three classes and the teachers are wonderful! The class is an anything goes kinda class ... haha... if you need to rock your baby, nurse your baby or just play with your baby... it is OK.

My husband and I realized from day one (Eden's first bath) that Eden was a natural born water lover. So Naturally, we signed her up for swimming classes as soon as she was eligible. Eden's swimming lessons are at our local rec centre once a week. She has been in them since she was about four months old; she absolutely loves it - she is a natural little fishy! It was especially hard for me to sign up for this particular class as it is a parent-tot class, and the last thing I wanted to do 4 months postpartum is walk around in a swimsuit at our local public pool haha but seeing Eden in her adorable little SWIMSUIT and excelling in her class makes it all so worth it.  She has become so comfortable in the water and gets so EXCITED in the changing room before class!

Most communities also offer a FREE program called STRONG START, which is another great opportunity to meet other mammas and to get out of the house.

I find signing up for these classes and activities really helps us, and forces us to leave the house! It is nice to have some semblance of a schedule - something I feel you can lose so easily as a stay at home mom during maternity leave. Many days after sleepless nights the last thing I wanna do is go to some class... I would rather stay home in my pj's all day laying on the floor playing with my peanut, but I feel it is really important for us especially for Eden to Get Up & Get Out! Todays Moments Are Tomorrows Memories And The Best Thing About Memories Is Making Them With Her xoxo

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