Hey Mommas, it has definitely been a minute since I blogged. With a Growing Baby, Growing Belly, and a Growing Business there really isn't a lot of spare time, add on the crippling exhaustion from my pregnancy, and well I'm not sure how my household still runs.  As my belly gets bigger and my due date gets closer, I'm in desperate need of some momming advice.

First off, I always wanted my babies very close in age that being said they will only be 18 months apart... hurray! But the closer that day gets, the more nervous I seem to feel. Is my precious first born ready to share mommy, am I prepared for it not to be her and I all the time? With Eden still not sleeping through the night or in her own bed for that matter I'm starting to feel the pressure. Do I rush her and force her to sleep in her own bed, which she may not be ready for? or do I just let things work themselves out?  Co-sleeping with two babies and a husband is going to make for one tired AF mama.

Secondly, for those Mama's who have had to stay in the hospital for a few days due to various medical reason, how did you cope with leaving baby #1 at home? With my first delivery, I feel I was completely calm and ready. Now with the thought of possibly leaving Eden at home for up to 3 days, makes me anxious and antsy. I only pray I can have a safe and natural delivery this time, for a quicker discharge from the hospital to get home to BOTH my girls.

As a mother, I'm sure these feelings are entirely natural, and by no means do I regret our decision on baby number two, I just worry about my little lovey. Although once we have all adjusted to the babies arrival, I'm 100% sure this is going to be the best gift we could give both our girls. Built-In Best friends for life!!!



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