Hospital Bag Essentails

If you read my last blog post, you'll know that our doctor recently informed me that I would be having a scheduled c-section.  Now for the OCD planner in me this is a significant perk, aside from feeling like the most unnatural thing, it really takes away from the unknown. Already being a mother, it allows us to plan for childcare, and not be frantically calling Nana at 4 am. My husbands family lives out of town, which helps us to schedule flights and accommodations.  This is also not my first c-section, first of which wasn't long ago, which allows me to know what the essentials are for our hospital bags & recovery.

Mommys bag:
Nightgown, Robe, Undies, & Slippers - A loose fitting nightgown is essential when having a c-section to alleviate any pressure on the incision. Along with some sexy high waisted granny panties!  For me after my first pregnancy, I have experienced beyond sore, flat, feet, so a good comfy pair of slippers is also essential.
Sweat Pants & Sweater - A loosely fitted pair of sweatpants and sweater for when we are discharged from the hospital. After my last c-section, I left the hospital still looking six months pregnant which was a complete shock to me, and I wasn't prepared, I wish I had brought bigger, looser, clothes.
Natural Pads -
Nipple Cream, Nursing pillow, Nursing Bra & Nursing Pads- If you're blessed enough to breastfeed you will most definitely need some Nipple Butter during the first couple of days.
Phone charger, camera, hair elastics, and my other essential toiletries.  

Babies Bag:
-Sleepers with feet
-Newborn Hospital Hat
-Natural Diapers & Wipes
-Toque / Booties / Going Home Outfit

** Daddy will also need a hospital bag as he has an integral part of our  support system and will need to be with Mommy & Baby for our stay**

What's in your BAG ????



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Chapstick was HUGE must. Also I forgot a toothbrush, hairbrush and my own soap last time. I used sandals instead of slippers cause I’d the dirty hospital floor. Also Vaseline for baby bum before baby has first tar poop to get it off easier !!

Jenna January 31, 2019

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