Baby Vacay

Mexico always seems to be my family's destination when it comes to vacations. So this past Christmas when my parents surprised us and told us, "Pack your bags, we're all going to MEXICO!", I was beyond EXCITED... to escape from this new/exhausting stay-at-home mom life, of scheduling naps, changing poopy diapers, and having to whip out my boob on the drop of a hat - not that I didn't have to do those things on vacay, but everything is always better under the sun haha.  Then, my annoying tendencies started taking over ... I started to over think and over analyze everything!!! Would Eden sleep properly.. would she nap.. if she refused to nap how would I get through the week without her swing (Lifesaver! haha) how would she be on the plane.. what would I do if I forgot something... how would she handle the time change... the list went on!

Well, I can now say with experience, never doubt your baby! I cannot express how amazing our little peanut was on our vacay ;) Babies are so adaptable it is unreal -  nothing seemed to phase her. She napped better in Mexico then she does at home... I'm going to guess it had a little to do with the hot, fresh air. My sister-in-law brought a small "TRAVEL BASSINET" for us to use, and it was absolutely AMAZING! It is small enough to fit in your suitcase, beach bag, and it even fits perfectly on a lawn chair! So, when everyone was hanging out in the pool and Eden wasn't in her adorable "BABY FLOATIE", and it was her nap time, she literally KO'ed beside the pool in the bassinet. This gave mommy time to join her family in the pool while keeping a watchful eye on her of course ;). The bassinet was also amazing for her to lay in when we spent the day at the beach, as it completely shielded her from the elements. Not even a grain of sand got into her things! (mouth haha.)

Eden has been teething for a couple months now, and as you know with teething babies...EVERYTHING goes in their mouths! That's where the "3 IN 1 COVERS" came in handy.  My husband and I are both germophobes and while dining out in a foreign country, the last thing you want in your babies mouth is a DIRTY old highchair! The covers worked AMAZING! Not only were they good for keeping pesky germs away from our peanuts mouth, they also kept the harsh sun off her delicate skin while at the pool. ALSO, they shielded mommy from a possible NIP FLASH while nursing haha. This product is one of my MUST-HAVES on vacay or at home, and I actually use it on a daily basis, whether we are out for a walk(car seat cover), in the grocery store (grocery cart cover), out for dinner (high chair cover), or while at a friend's and its boobie time (nursing cover).

Eden experienced some of her FIRSTS in Mexico. She fell asleep all on her own for the very first time! Which was a happy but sad moment for me - literally a rollercoaster of emotions lol. She no longer needed me to rock her to sleep at night- while this may not seem like a monumental moment, for me it was huge as I spent the previous 5 months rocking her, every nap and every night. This was just another sign of time flying and her growing up WAY too fast for mommy.   She also experienced pineapple :). She had been on a strict boobie milk diet; although she was growing more and more curious about what we were eating I had yet to introduce her to anything else. Originally I was planning on waiting until she hit the 6-month mark, but I'm realizing more and more as a new mom that not everything can be planned (very hard for me... I'm a BIG planner). Thankfully I had over-analyzed while packing her suitcase haha and packed her "FRESH FOOD FEEDER" -  also a MUST-HAVE. It's an amazing little gimmicky thing that actually works! Not only does it allow her to eat on her own but it also allows her to build coordination. Most importantly, it allows me to relax and not panic about her choking. lol

 I truly believe a baby shouldn't restrict your life but enrich it; so carry on with life, don't stay home in your safe zone, and don't get to wrapped up in their schedule. Get out and experience life with your little peanuts...they are only little once and they will surprise you every time. Having the right "BABY GEAR" really makes all the difference!

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