Miserable Eight

In the Past My Precious Little Peanut has always made my Momming Job pretty easy. From the day we welcomed her into the world she has always been a happy, easy going baby. That is until her Eighth Month hit... She is now a Whining, Crawling, Bossy, Non-Sleeper haha. Who is in complete need of attention from her Mom at ALL TIMES. Don't get me wrong this Little Whiner is still the Happiest, Smiling Baby I have ever met, but she is definitely going through a lot of changes and to be quite honest, I'm pretty sure she thinks she runs the show haha.

Whining... I have heard my fair share in the last month, enough to last a lifetime.  Eden sure has found her voice and seems to be expressing it in WHINING. She Whins at me for walking too fast down the hallway, for not carrying her EVERYWHERE, for having her in the stroller "too" long (1hour... sometimes 20 mins), and for taking (my) things away from her that she shouldn't have in the first place! I have heard more whining this month then I have heard in the past eight months. The whining is bearable; the SCREAMING is not! From the heart-wrenching screams in her car seat (for a straight 30 mins) - she used to LOVE the car. We have even tried switching her into a big girl car seat...it didn't help. To the screams of HORROR when she is placed in her crib.. or even carried into her room. It was only recently that I discovered my daughter is a very talented actress haha she FAKE cries ALL the TIME (it is actually quite comical)

Bossy, I've got to give her credit, Eight months old and she already knows what she wants haha!  In a nutshell, she wants everything that she is NOT allowed - phone, shoes, laptop,  coffee cup.. you name it, and she will do whatever it takes to get it...that includes throwing a TANTRUM! I'm to the point where I'm not even sure why we buy her toys? Shes much happier getting into something (she shouldn't be in)  like the laundry and carrying a random sock around the house. My Pre Mom self always said I wouldn't move my things out of reach; my kids will know not to touch my things! Haha, Yeahhh Rightttt... I have had to move EVERYTHING & ANYTHING in Edens reach. This little chick went from Mamas Little Peanut to Mamas Little Menace in the Blink of an Eye.

I can handle the Bossy Whiner, but having to do so with little or no SLEEP because someone has decided that she no longer needs naps and thinks its party time from 12 am- 4 am is very EXHAUSTING! I feel we are going backwards, Eden was a great Sleeper and Napper from 4-7 months. Then the Eighth Month hit and BAM were back to square one. I always heard a lot about the Eight Month Sleep Regression... If I had to guess I would most definitely say she (we) are experiencing it. Toss A little Teething Action into the Mix with a Rashy Tush, and we have a Nightmare.

I keep telling myself daily that this is just a PHASE, and with any hope, it will pass... hopefully, sooner than later HAHA.  I have come to terms with the fact that there is no schedule and we are not doing what we "should" be doing. We are doing what Eden WANTS (and needs) right now, and that is OKAY with me. All I know is if this Mini-Boss is anything like her Mama.....well let's just say this is only the beginning of a very long road haha.

Help! Parents if you have any tips, tricks or advice, please share xoxo
My Must-Have is SLEEP.



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