My Journey Into Motherhood

Hey Mommas! I'm starting this blog to discuss everyday momming, and in every blog post, I will also recommend some of my MUST-HAVES. You can find them in the "Baby Gear" collection.

My journey began in July 2016, when I met my soul mate. Within four months he had asked me to marry him! Faster than I had expected my journey started :) Ten months later we said our "I DO'S" on a gorgeous beach in Mexico. Both being a little bit older and knowing what we wanted, we decided to start trying for a peanut.

We conceived our precious baby girl on our honeymoon,  again, a lot faster than I had expected haha. And not even one year after marriage, we welcomed Eden Elizabeth Chodkowski to the world. While my bond with her started the minute I felt those tiny toes in my tummy,  Adam's says his bond started the moment he heard her first cry. As first-time parents, we were so overwhelmed with love. Our every waking, breathing moment was about Eden. While we were never tired from a crying, fussy baby (Eden was a very easy going newborn),  we were tired from staying up late staring at this amazing little PEANUT we had created. She is our greatest accomplishment.

After Eden's arrival, I quickly learned that I have major SEPARATION ANXIETY; even the thought of leaving her or letting people hold her makes me beyond nervous. Today is Eden's 6 month birthday and I have yet to leave her for more than an hour. I have even cried while having left her to go to a nail appointment just five mins down the street, haha. This is in spite of the fact that her amazing father had texted me and sent me photos of her sleeping peacefully while I was out.

Eden and I spend every day, all day together and I wouldn't change it for the world. Interestingly, you cannot predict how you will handle your journey into motherhood until you are living it; I knew I would love her, but I had no idea I could love to such an extreme! I'm sooo attached to her that she sleeps in our bed in her BABY NEST which is one of the best purchases I have EVER made. I love opening my eyes and seeing her adorable little face throughout the night safely nestled in our bed.

I have been fortunate to be able to breastfeed Eden and I personally love it; I'm so torn right now because I feel like now that she is 6 months it's a good time to switch to formula, and she is getting a little rough! (I'm suffering from NIP LASH  haha) Breastfeeding or not, I highly recommend a NURSING PILLOW which is not just for breastfeeding!! With Eden growing it has had its place throughout our journey and it comes in particularly handy for tummy time, and also for propping her up while she learns to sit - a very good purchase as we will use it for close to a year. I also recommend ORGANIC MUSLIN SWADDLES to all new mothers.. they come in handy on a daily basis, especially for swaddling and wiping up post-feed spit-up! You really can't have enough of these, lol.

As most new parents can relate, our romance has suffered a bit as we are re-defining ourselves not only as father and mother but also as husband and wife; as mentioned we co-sleep with Eden, and neither of us would change a thing. As we see it, she will only be this small for a short period of time, and one day it will be all about Adam and I again. So for now, we are soaking up every loving minute of parenthood.  I'm super lucky that I have a very supportive husband who wants me to move at whatever pace Eden and I are comfortable. I know there are a lot of changes ahead, and as much as it saddens me that time is passing so quickly, I am also so overjoyed by this whole new life called "motherhood".

Happy 6 Month birthday Baby Girl <3



avjNKeSx July 24, 2020


KcqGSbpoZOLt July 24, 2020

Awe thank you so much, Dana! I hope you and your little man are doing amazing xoxo

Alicia Chodkowski March 01, 2018

Awesome Alicia, really enjoyed reading this and feel comforted seeing another beautiful Mommy have similar experiences..Mostly regarding the co-sleeping and not putting too much pressure on setting expectations. Love your products too, you’re killing Momtreprneur! Xoxo to Eden, whatta cutie!

Dana February 28, 2018

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