Vegan Venture

My adventure into Veganism: a way of life where one does not eat or use animal products. Veganism alters diet, clothing, and other decisions with the goal of ending the exploitation of animals. Vegan foods are free of all animal products such as meat, eggs, fish, and dairy. I have been a vegetarian off and on for many years, aside from the duration of my pregnancy... my body CRAVED red meat. For me it has always been about animal RIGHTS; I am a strong believer in PETA and feel a Pig or Cow are NO different than a Dog or Cat.  I avoid all fur products (FAUX FUR for the win!) and as many leather products as I possibly can (VEGAN LEATHER for the win!). In this day and age, there are many easily accessible alternatives so the choice was EASY. I won't go into any more detail because it is everyone's CHOICE but I strongly advise you to look into what you're eating and wearing - don't turn a blind eye, Be The Change You Want To See. If it still doesn't concern or bother you, so be it.  

One of the more interesting documentaries I've watched recently is titled "COWSPIRACY" (which I highly recommend watching). It has fortified my beliefs/feelings and has encouraged me to cut out other animal products aside from meat... like cheese <3, haha and other mouth-watering dairy products I enjoyed, in order to not only save animals but to aid in the preservation of our environment. The majority of the film has to do with the negative impact on the earth that the production of animal products causes. A real eye-opener!  

My husband has decided to join me on this journey which is soo amazing for someone who loves protein as much as him (no more crushing deluxe sashimi orders himself haha). In turn, this has required me to get more creative - I could live on veggies and fruit. I have found some surprisingly yummy vegan/vegetarian alternative products. So far my MUST-HAVES are HILARY'S, YVES, EARTH ISLAND, and YOSO - which can all be found at your local grocery store (I get mine from Wholefoods even Costco). I won't sit here and lie - experimenting with these products can definitely be a hit or miss - Veggie Bacon Is NO replacement haha. One thing I wanted to make sure is that we weren't just replacing our animal products with carbs... mommy is trying to get in shape.. and not the shape of a balloon. Another MUST- HAVE is the amazing Vegan Cookbook "365 DAYS OF VEGAN RECIPES"

I really want us as a family to have a well-balanced diet. I wanted to make sure my family is getting all the nutrients and vitamins we need (especially Eden as she is developing & growing) I Struggle with deciding which nutritional path Eden should be on... that of a Vegan, a Vegetarian, or a meat eater.  Obviously, we as her loving parents will allow her to make her OWN choice when she is old enough! As for now my husband and myself, while in charge of her best interests, have decided - with all the antibiotics and hormones added to the animal industry - that it is best for her tiny body to avoid all animal products (aside from her ORGANIC HOLLE FORMULA) until she chooses otherwise. :)

I am only one person in this enormous, overpopulated world, and my tiny family doesn't even make a dent in the population, but I feel every little bit helps. For the three of us choosing Veganism, 594 animals per year are not produced to be slaughtered. Being a Vegan is not a diet, it is a Lifestyle - and one you must choose for yourself. No animal needs to die in order for my family to live.  And that makes me feel AMAZING.

If anyone has any products or tips along with documentaries to make this transition easier and more fun please feel free to share xoxo

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