Weaning The Whiner

Weaning was one of the hardest things I have had to do YET as a new mom. Knowing that I could comfort and soothe my baby with the drop of a nipple haha but refusing for my own selfish reason made my heart break. For the first six months of Edens life, she had been on a strict boobie diet. I had never really discussed the whole weaning process with any moms but I didn't think it was going to be that difficult...boy was I WRONG!

For whatever reason, Eden has always woken up frequently throughout the night to nurse. Unfortunately that hasn't changed since I switched her to formula:(. Eden was about four months old when I discovered the laydown feed, which was an amazing game changer for me during the night; I could feed her and sleep at the same damn time haha, a major plus for mommy!  Plus it was a lifesaver for my posture. Although if I could go back, I wish I never did it. I feel Eden became obsessed with my boob for comfort in the middle of the night which made it extremely difficult to wean her off. She constantly needed my boob to put her back to sleep, half of the time she didn't even nurse she just wanted my boob for comfort or a crutch as some people would call it. So when it came time for the whole weaning process it was a complete NIGHTMARE. She would scream at me, throw her soother, refuse a bottle, and if I managed to get any formula down, she would immediately spit it up :(  It took a good week to break this awful habit.

Switching to "FORMULA" was a bittersweet moment for me! I found it very FREEING as my body was once again MINE, but that irreplaceable bond during nursing was now GONE. To be completely honest for the last three months I have been a one boobie show! For whatever reason, my left breast stopped producing milk which made for two very different sized boobs and one very self-conscious mommy! The Rollercoaster was not over yet haha. Once I had weaned Eden I experienced about two weeks of extreme tenderness, needless to say, it was a rough couple of weeks, I'm not sure who whined more... Eden, or myself haha. Some of my MUST-HAVES for formula feeding are a "BOTTLE WARMER" &  the AMAZING "BABY BREEZA FORMULA PRO"

One of my favourite milestones for this little peanut (so far) is the new adventure of solids (aka mush). I love watching all of her facial expressions, as she experiences all the different textures and flavours. You can really see the wheels turning ;) I love watching her experience all these FIRSTS! It really brings me so much JOY and warms my heart! I try to live a clean life (as much as I can), so it is important to me that I know what Eden is eating. That's where the "BABY BREEZA FOOD PROCESSOR" comes in handy another one of my MUST-HAVES. It's so easy to use and clean! Literally, with a click of a button, her food is steamed and pureed. Pairing that with "THE BIG BOOK OF ORGANIC BABY FOOD" another MUST-HAVE Eden eats better than me haha. The book offers so many amazing healthy recipes for your growing little peanuts. As a mom who is always out and about the "ROCKET FEEDING SPOON" (another gimmicky thing that works!) is the best tool for feeding on the go.

As much as these are all new adventures for our babies, they are also new and exciting experiences for us parents! Some are more bittersweet then others but all make for amazing memories I will NEVER FORGET. What I have learned from this adventure is you can never have enough "BIBS" haha.


Thank you Becia, I’m really enjoying it :) At the very least it will nice for Eden & I to look back at one day & read. <3 xoxo

Alicia March 15, 2018

I have really enjoyed reading the blogs. They bring back many memories of early mothering days, when Doctor Spock was our only source of reassurance and practical advice. I am sure many young Moms will benefit from these very personal experiences and practical suggestions.

Liz Lewicki March 14, 2018

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