Hey! I'm Alicia - owner & designer of Lux Littles Boutique.
Lux Littles began as an idea while pregnant with my first baby girl. I had enjoyed online shopping and the convenience of doorstep delivery, but when looking for items for my baby-to-be, I found myself struggling to find quality items at reasonable prices. As well, I thought I could bring more “fun” and playful items into the mix. So, I built the website and I began the search to find the perfect mix of style, quality, and value.
As my business grew, so too did my ability to understand my clients’ needs, and I found myself to be more selective when looking for new items. Over time I began searching for manufactures, & designing everything myself.

So here we are!

From the pattern and fabric to the buttons and stitching, each item is lovingly and carefully designed by me, for you and your mini. And because the Lux Littles Collection is exclusive to Lux Littles Boutique, you will receive a limited stock item that can’t be found anywhere else!

Stay tuned for more items; the Collection is growing.